ti-music-w09.jpgU.S. Magistrate Alan Baverman has postponed a hearing for T.I. where the rapper’s legal team was to argue that key government evidence against the rapper should be thrown out.According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Baverman postponed the hearing originally scheduled for today (Jan. 3) until Feb. 19. T.I.’s legal team filed motions in November claiming that the search of T.I.’s vehicle during his arrest Oct. 13 was illegal as it was done without “a warrant, consent or probable cause” and thus “all evidence obtained in the searches and all statements as well as fruits thereof must be suppressed” the motion said.T.I. was arrested Oct. 13 in a Walgreen’s parking lot for allegedly trying to buy machine guns and silencers.



  1. 1 khaz
    April 7, 2008 at 6:08 am

    I heard that little geek from dipset santana has been snitchin’ on everybody. He got ti set up with an undercover for a bodyguard and shit went down hill from there. I heard from some Harlem cats, that it was some type of jealousy between dude and ti because ti was scheduled to do a number of songs and promotion with several different girls that santana couldn’t get to like him following the drop of his contract with Def Jam. I also heard that following the santan & Lil’ Wayne mixtape flop
    santan reportedly got Baby hemmed u in Tennessee…makes you wonder with the nation wide publicity stunt {under the table) agreement with members of G-unot. All the snitching points to the downfall of the weak”east” link.

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