VIDEO: Ray J , Marques Houston and Chris Stokes beef

“R&B singer Ray J is making some explosive allegations. In an interview with Dj Wrekk 1 of Whhh Hot 96.3, he appears to make the startling claim that Chris Stokes and Marques Houston are engaged in a homosexual relationship.”in other news Last week on Ballstatus Ray J spoke about his mixtape with DJ Kay Slay called Unkut. A track targeted Chris Stokes and this is what Ray J had to say about it:“F— that mother—–. Man, that n—-‘s a bitch. He’s a thief. He tried to take my records and pull me off of television shows and put Marques Houston on the shows, basically replace me. It was a lot of weird things going on over there and I felt like he was trying to dig into my money and try to compromise my career. He and Marques Houston take it in the butt together. I’m real, so I say it how I see it.”The interview was conducted by CZA, one of the writers here at HHNLive.comA radio interview


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